Following on from the recent consultation pack, the ASU summarised and presented members’ concerns about the proposal to Council.

We have received the attached response.

Council has agreed to put an individual’s redundancy package on hold if they were successful for a limited tenure position within the newly proposed structure or a secondment outside the department. What this means is that you won’t forgo your redundancy, and will be supported to find suitable alternative duties throughout this time.

It appears that council have taken other concerns on notice and we will have clarity once the consultation period concludes, this is evident with council responding “…currently being reviewed based on consultation feedback. This will be confirmed when the final decision has been made once all feedback has been considered.” to several of the questions.

Once we have obtained the final structure we will further consult with members.

We would like to thank all of the members who participated in this process – either through the ASU or directly to your employer. It is critical that we raise our concerns, as you are best placed as workers, working closely within the department to understand the limitations and benefits of what has been proposed.

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For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0400 986 745 |

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