City of Casey management has taken the disgraceful action of standing down its lowest-paid workers.

The wages of School Crossing Supervisors are heavily subsidised by the Victorian Government, and the City of Casey is still receiving this funding.

However, management has stood-down School Crossing Supervisors without pay.

All Casey employees should be outraged by this disgusting behaviour, as it adds to the contempt management has shown towards you during the enterprise agreement negotiations.

We say contempt, as Casey HR professionals are colluding with HR professionals in meetings to strategise ways of being able to remove conditions from you. They see this as a game whereby you need to lose for them to be able to win.

All Casey employees need to be concerned and vigilant. If Casey management is willing to capitalise financially at the expense of the lowest-paid employees, what lengths will they go to in order to profit from employees who earn substantially more than part-time Band 1 workers?

All this while they are spending many millions of dollars on elite sporting grounds, and holding onto a massive surplus.

Clearly, Casey management sees profit as being the most important priority and will not waste a crisis to pursue it.

We are meant to be “All in this together”, but it sounds a bit hollow when it comes to Casey.

Please take the time to sign this petition demanding councils reinstate, redeploy or pay their employees immediately.

For further information please contact
ASU Organiser Darren Dwyer | 0427 610 148 |

P.S.  Please share this with your workmates and encourage them to join the ASU. The more of us there are, the stronger we will be in pushing back against this behaviour.  It’s easy for anyone to join online at

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