The ASU would like to thank members who cast a ballot in the recent vote rejecting the adoption of City of Casey management’s preferred substandard agreement.

The ASU has seen correspondence from a HR adviser at Casey to HR advisers in other councils expressing their disappointment in the outcome and asking to meet up to strategise around the lesson learned from this. They would be better advised to learn from the message that you sent via your no vote.

Casey management has corresponded with employees talking about the uncertainty over the next 12 months due to this unfortunate outcome. Any uncertainty is purely of Casey management’s making. All they need to do is reconvene negotiations and reach an outcome that is acceptable to you.

Casey management says the vote was marginally defeated. We say although we would have preferred to see a bigger margin, the difference of almost 100 votes is not marginal. They say they are currently working on what the outcome means and what the options are. What it means is worst case then nothing will change, however, we will be seeking to enter back into negotiations again on your behalf at the earliest opportunity.

The correspondence you have received from Casey management is being sent to cause a level of uncertainty and fear amongst their employees, so they can possibly put another agreement equally as unacceptable as the last one with the hope employees will feel vulnerable enough to accept it.

This isn’t the behaviour of management that cares about its employees. This is the behaviour of management that places the importance of its somewhere in the vicinity of 75 million dollar surplus well above any concern they have for their employees.

Again, we would like to thank all members who voted no and helped send a message to Casey management that this proposal wasn’t acceptable.

For further information please contact
ASU Organiser Darren Dwyer | 0427 610 148 |

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