The ASU does not recommend the latest offer from management.

ASU & ANMF had to take Council to Fair Work to get them back to the negotiating table in 2020.

They had made a verbal offer in April 2020 and then withdrew it 48 hours later.

Why are we saying vote no?

  1. Too many important issues are left in policies.
    Work issues should be terms of an enforceable agreement. We have taken matters to Fair Work before and expect to again.
  2. Backpay
    Management is only offering back pay to January 2021. It should be back to July 1 2020.
  3. Pay
    You deserve more. You kept the services running. It’s not fair to short change you. It’s a slap in the face.
  4. Hours of work
    If you work past 6pm or 7pm you should be paid overtime.
    It’s not okay to try and push people to feel forced to “agree” to work late hours for ordinary pay.
  5. Allowances
    ALL allowances should go up with the payrises. This offer freezes most allowances. It’s not fair.

Vote No! Everyone deserves a better deal!

You can pledge to vote no here:

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Colin Houghton |
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor |

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