Your union is working hard to represent you during these tough times.

Your Enterprise agreement expires on June 30, 2020. The responsible way forward is for us to continue talking with your employer about how we negotiate a new agreement for next year and beyond.

We worked with you and your delegates to put together a list of claims so that we know what needs to improve in your job. Thank you to everyone who came to our workplace meetings in February.

After two meetings in March, we received advice that your workplace is no longer having visitors as a way of reducing your exposure to the Covid-19 virus. We had a productive discussion via skype about the most sensible way to negotiate during the crisis.

Your employer offered a twelve-month extension with a pay offer of 2% or $28 and we agreed in principle that is would be a reasonable way forward.

It meant keeping your other claims besides pay on hold for the twelve months. This seemed to be a compromise that we could recommend to you. We agreed to get our union lawyers to check it and then send this offer to you this week for your feedback, then resume discussion via Skype on Wednesday 8 April.

Disappointed is an understatement of how we felt last Friday when council’s industrial representatives rang to say they don’t intend to honour this in-principal agreement. Council is yet to make a revised offer but laid the groundwork that tough times are ahead and jobs and services will be lost if employees push for the pay rise to remain as agreed.

We responded with incredible concern about how this uncertainty would affect ASU members, employees and residents/ratepayers of Cardinia Shire. This type of fear-mongering so early on is unnecessary and an extremely short-sighted.

We are still saying Cardinia Shire should honour the pay rise offered and in-principally accepted by all parties involved in negotiations. The ASU with our delegates and members is committed to discussing the best way forward which is what the ASU proposed to Council last week. We aren’t backing down.

We will report back from our next no doubt challenging discussion on Wednesday 8 April. The ASU believes in good faith bargaining – it’s the law (Fair Work Act). We won’t accept anything less than a fair and legal process on behalf of you our members.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor |

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