Your ASU representatives Maree & Cindy met with management on Wednesday 2 December.

We talked about the important issues you asked us to claim on your behalf.

Some of the employer’s responses require legal review and our union lawyers doing that.

Our union believes that you deserve better.

It was particularly disappointing that the employer is not supporting a working from home clause in your new Agreement. We will continue to pursue this.

We reminded the employer that this Agreement expired June 30 this year. The ASU, along with ANMF, had to lodge at Fair Work to keep negotiations ongoing.

We talked about back pay to 1 July 2020 and our commitment to respect your phenomenal effort of keeping services running for the Cardinia community despite the pressure of COVID.

We note that ADOs will be back from January 11 2021.

The ASU will be holding a meeting to let you know exactly where we stand.

DATE: Thursday 10 December
TIME: 12pm
MEETING LINK: Click here to join the meeting

This is an information session. We won’t be voting on anything yet.

Please share this newsletter and the meeting link with interested colleagues. We will be sharing our ASU join link in the chat:

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