Voting has now opened at Cardinia Shire Council and will close at 11:59pm on Friday the 11th of June.

Your ASU bargaining reps are encouraging you to VOTE NO to the offer that has been put forward by management.

Why should I vote no?

  • Management delayed negotiations for months, your union had to take them to Fair Work Commission to get them back to the table. Now they only want to backpay you for six months, even though they were the ones who delayed negotiations. Twelve months of backpay is what you deserve.
  • Management want to change your hours so you could work past 6pm and 7pm without overtime. They say this can only be done ‘by agreement’, but what’s to stop your manager pressuring you to agree?
  • This offer freezes the rate of some allowances, all allowances should go up with the pay increase.

If a majority of employees vote no, management will be forced back to the bargaining table and have to improve the offer.

All employees get to vote in the EBA, not just union members. You need to talk to everyone you know about why they need to vote no, ASU member or not. We’ve probably already spoken to you on the phone or at a workplace meeting, but we can’t talk to all of your colleagues without your help.

Forward this email to any colleagues who need to hear about the EBA, and make sure you’re out there encouraging everyone to be a union member and to vote no.

We’re stronger when we stand together.

Join the ASU today.

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