Your union, the ASU, is proud to announce that we are meeting your employer on Wednesday 27th May to discuss your Enterprise Agreement. We were incredibly disappointed when your employer had wanted to postpone to December.

We understand that Covid-19 is having an impact on your workplace. We respect your incredible effort to keep delivering services. We know that you had almost no notice to move to work from home and/or be at work with strict regulations on physical distancing. 

Both ASU & ANMF (who represent Maternal Child Health Professionals) want to propose a responsible way forward.

What are things we want to speak about on your behalf?
*options for extending your current agreement
*options for a pay rise this year (we know that many of you are at the top of the band)
*backpay if we are delayed in bargaining
*issues that have arisen during the crisis

We recently negotiated a 2% or $25 per week increase as part of a twelve-month extension at East Gippsland Shire. This was voted up unanimously. We will commence a full negotiation there in 2021 regarding conditions for three years. 

We are putting a twelve-month extension with a 2% pay rise at South Gippsland Water to vote. 

These are responsible options during a crisis.

We may not be able to fix everything in our first discussion in over a month, yet we think it is positive to keep representing you            

If you would like to raise anything further, please contact
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor | 0417 551 124 | or
ASU Member Contact Centre |1300 855 570 |

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