Our union is proud to be by your side and to announce a win!

What’s happening?

✅  August: ASU, ANMF  & the Council had discussions on Teams. We agreed on schedule of negotiations. We proved that no one can stop bargaining in good faith.

✅September: ASU & ANMF by emails with Council are writing the Agenda for bargaining – prioritising which issues are negotiated first.

✅ October: ASU & ANMF will be in  negotiations (Wednesday 7th October 11-3pm)

✅ November: ASU & ANMF will be meeting Council every fortnight.

We respect how hard you are all working to continue delivering frontline services during the pandemic. We are working just as hard to ensure that you get the recognition and rewards you deserve in return.

Recruit a friend:

The ASU recruitment competition is underway until September, $500 is up for grabs for the member who recruits the most new people.https://www.asuvictas.com.au/asu-recruitment-competition/

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor | coconnor@asuvictas.com.au | 0417 551 124

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