You would have received a communication advising you that Cancer Council Tasmania intends to terminate your Enterprise Agreement.

Termination of your Enterprise Agreement is NOT in your best interest!

The ASU has advised Cancer Council Tasmania that we are fundamentally opposed to the proposal to terminate the Cancer Council Tasmania EA and that we will certainly not agree to jointly apply to the Fair Work Commission for this to occur.

The CCT Agreement contains certain conditions that are far superior to conditions contained in the award, in particular those relating to Consultation and Disputes. These conditions cost the organisation nothing but provide an invaluable condition to all CCT employees that may have a workplace dispute or are impacted by major workplace change.

An Award contains the minimum conditions entitlements conditions that employers must legally provide. Furthermore any matters contained in an employment contract or policy can be changed at any time and cannot be disputed through the Fair Work Commission, therefore will not provide the opportunity for an external independent umpire to assist if serious issues relating to these matters cannot be resolved internally.

The ASU firmly disputes that “it is an emerging trend that many employers in varying sectors believe that Enterprise bargaining has passed it’s used by date”!

In fact many Tasmanian not for profit organisations believe that it is an extremely beneficial to have an Enterprise Agreements in place ensuring that their employees have secure over award conditions and entitlements.

The ASU have advised Cancer Council Tasmania that we do not intend for the bargaining process to take an extended period of time, in fact the ASU is of the view that there are only minor changes that need to be made to update the current EA. If all parties are well organised in advance, face to face meetings can easily be kept to a minimum.

The ASU will be meeting with Cancer Council Tasmania as soon as possible to discuss this matter and we will be encouraging the organisation to honour the Cancer Council Tasmania Enterprise agreement and bargain in good faith to ensure that all Cancer Council Tasmania employees have secure, best practice workplace conditions and entitlements.

ASU members please share this bulletin with your colleagues.

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The ASU is working to ensure the best outcome for ALL Cancer Council Tasmania employees.

For further information please contact:
Tasmanian Coordinator Kath Ryman | 0429 004 237 |

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