Campaspe Shire Council Councillors made a decision at the council meeting held on the evening of Tuesday 15th October which confirmed the outsourcing of all HACC services.  Despite on-going campaigning, wide spread community disapproval, councillors voted to put these services to tender. The council minutes state a preferred provider has already been identified for the service but council are yet to name the provider.

Residents of the community did a great job holding Council to account asking questions about consultation, maintaining service standards and wages and conditions.  Despite this level of angst raised by the community, employees and the union, the councillors have still chosen to outsource the service for financial savings.

The ASU will be looking to hold a members meeting with HACC workers after we have met to discuss this disappointing outcome with the new CEO. We are waiting to confirm that meeting proposed for Wednesday 13th November and will propose to hold a members meeting after that. We will send out confirmation once this has been approved.

The ASU will be asking questions to the CEO around redundancies and redeployment opportunities within council given council appears to be handing the funding back to the government rather than transferring the business to a new employer.

The ASU would like to thank our dedicated and wonderful home support officers for their patience and perseverance. Members across the community and  shire have lent their support and stuck together.

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Ty Lockwood |

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