As discussed in our last meeting, the ASU can confirm that management have produced their final version of the EA and intend to put that out to staff shortly. We can confirm that the ASU and ANMF advised against taking this course of action as we still have a number of outstanding claims we wish to negotiate on behalf of our members.

So what does this mean?
This means that we are encouraging all staff to vote NO when the agreement is put to staff for vote. We need 50% + 1 of all staff who vote, to Vote NO! This will force management back to the table to negotiate in good faith.

These are the reasons why we think all staff should Vote NO!

  • 2% pay increase – one of the lower pay increases in the region!
  • No minimum $ rate which helps the lowest paid workers receive better pay equity!
  • The Shire has refused to add increased job security provisions!
  • The Shire has refused to commit to no contracting out any services!
  • The Shire has said no to the vast majority of our ASU members’ log of claims.

See the full Log of Claims with responses from management here.

As a result of the Shires decision to put the EA to vote without in principal agreement and support, the ASU at direction by our members will now make the application to the Fair Work Commission for our members to engage in Protected Industrial Action. We will be in touch with specific voting instructions when we have lodged the application with the FWC.

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Ty Lockwood |
The ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570

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