Change the Rules on Rate Capping


Since the introduction of rate capping in Victoria ASU members have found it increasingly difficult to obtain any fair or reasonable pay increases and the services Victorians rely on every day are under threat.

ASU members at Councils across Victoria are passing a motion to voice their opposition to rate capping:

Rate capping was bought in under the guise of reigning in CEO and Executive salaries and stopping Council waste. In the 3 years since we have had rate capping it has achieved neither. However, rate capping has adversely affected Council services and infrastructure. It has also resulted in wage stagnation for the dedicated and hard working Local Government workforce. This meeting of ASU members calls on the State Government to Change the Rules on rate capping so they don’t hurt staff or communities.

We want changes to the rate capping policy to make sure:

1. Shared services are not be used to reduce jobs, pay or conditions across local governments

2. There is not an artificial cap placed on wages and conditions for council workers covered by enterprise agreements

3. Measures are put in place that stop ballooning wages for senior executives

The ASU’s proposed changes will promote secure jobs, fair and reasonable pay increases, and better funding of the services our communities rely on every day.

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