Essential not Expendable

Insecure employment, including fixed-term and casual work, is now rife across the community sector.

ASU members are fighting to make employment conditions in the community sector more secure.

The Essential not Expendable campaign focuses on four pillars that ASU members believe will improve the community sector.

  • Secure employment
  • Workplace fairness
  • Longer finding terms
  • Sector sustainability and reform

Learn more about our campaign and proposals to bring employment security to the community sector here

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By joining the ASU, you can be part of the campaign for employment security in the community sector. You can join the ASU here

Sign our petition NOW

Be one of the hundreds of community sector workers who have already told the Andrews Government that essential community sector workers are not expendable. Sign the petition here.

Essential not Expendable Campaign Resources

As part of our campaign for secure work in the community sector we have produced workplace campaign materials available for all workers in the sector.

A3 Flyer – campaign explainer
A4 Poster – this workplace endorses the ASU Essential not Expendable campaign
Selfie Sign
Letter to employers and Statement of Support

Workplace Essential not Expendable Campaign Briefings

If you would like to organise an Essential not Expendable campaign briefing at your workplace, you can let us know here.