Sign the pledge to keep aged care in council!

Aged care in local government is under attack. The federal government refuses to commit ongoing funding for the service and Victorian councils are saying ​they are strapped for cash from rate capping – giving away aged care to the private sector to save money. But what better use of public money is there than this?

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety revealed the horrors of the private sector and how they failed our community during COVID-19. Real people suffered. So why are councils and the federal government still signing them over? Victorian local government provides an aged care service the community can be proud of, and it’s accountable to you! Not some profit-driven monopoly.

I pledge to:

  1. Fight to defend and extend aged care in local government
  2. Oppose the forced privatisation of aged care! We need government policies and council conviction that keeps aged care in the public’s hands.
  3. Oppose rate capping! Rate capping has reduced funding for local government services including aged care.

*  By signing the pledge you are agreeing to be contacted by the ASU about our aged care campaign

Actions you can take
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