ASU campaign delegates attended training last Thursday to further develop their skills and build the Uncap our Councils campaign.

The course culminated with delegates meeting a member of parliament to discuss the impact of the Victorian government’s rate capping policy on their communities and their workplaces:

  • One delegate was left homeless because he is a casual with no work during COVID and was ineligible for Jobseeker payments. We know that insecure has increased as a direct result of rate capping.
  • One delegate shared that as a cook in a council run early childhood centre the budget is $2.83 per child per day to try and provide nutritious meals for children. Budgets have been slashed and families are facing increased fees because of rate capping.
  • Another delegate shared that he and his colleagues don’t feel safe because they are routinely sent on two-and-three-person jobs by themselves, yet Council isn’t filling positions because of rate capping.
  • Another delegate shared that he was recently abused about the state of local roads and footpaths, yet there is no budget to do permanent repairs or effective maintenance – only temporary repairs in response to specific resident complaints.

The Victorian government’s rate capping policy is starving councils of funding. It hasn’t stopped wasteful spending – it only hurts workers and the community.

The delegates reported that the training was a great and valuable experience. If you would like to get involved with our campaign you can register your interest by emailing ASU Lead Organiser Ty Lockwood.

The best way to build a strong and effective campaign is by having a strong and active union presence in your workplace. If you are aware of a colleague who is not yet an ASU member, please encourage them to join the union today

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