The Liberal Party’s Union Busting Bill is extreme, unnecessary, and will make it harder for workers to win pay rises and protect their jobs. And it’s likely to go to a vote in the Senate in just a few days.

Workers’ real concerns are about issues like insecure work, wage stagnation and wage theft and the real reason the Government is pursuing these laws is that it wants to silence workers voices on these issues.

The union busting laws will make it possible for government ministers and disgruntled employers to shut down unions for minor civil infractions like submitting paperwork late or holding a stop-work meeting without their employer’s permission.

They will subject tens of thousands of union volunteers to stricter and more punitive regulations than the CEOs of the companies they work for.

These laws are so extreme they threaten basic democratic freedoms. Only authoritarian governments interfere with the running of unions or working people’s basic rights to be represented.

If Scott Morrison or Alan Joyce submits a form late they don’t even face a fine, but the same mistake could see a union shut down or a union volunteer disqualified from being elected to represent members.

This is about silencing working people and making it harder for all workers to win pay rises.

These laws are fundamentally unfair. They would not apply to business, not apply to banks and not apply to politicians, despite their serious unethical conduct.

We’re calling on all ASU members to let the cross bench senators who hold the balance on this matter to scrap the bill.

Contact senators Stirling Griff, Rex Patrick, Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts and Jacqui Lambie and let them know how your union works for you and what life would be like at work without unions involved. Use Facebook or Twitter to get your message through.

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