Your Enterprise Agreement determines what pay and conditions you are entitled to at work. However, lots of workers report never having read their Agreement or don’t understand how their Agreement was negotiated. Before the ASU begins the second round of bargaining at CAFS, we want to give all staff an opportunity to ask questions anonymously.

Click here to anonymously ask a question about unions, your workplace conditions, or the bargaining process  Your delegates and ASU organiser will post answers as soon as they can, so check back to see what they say.

Please share this email with your colleagues! A well-informed workforce is a stronger and more just workforce. We want questions from unionists, non-members, and even staff who might not trust unions. Everyone deserves a voice in this process.

Want a stronger union and a better workplace? Talk to a colleague about joining the ASU today via

For more information please contact
ASU Organiser Corina Parkwell | 0409 258 943 |

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