Negotiations for the new Enterprise Agreement EA) have now concluded, and the voting process is imminent.

The ASU bargaining Team have been resolute in pushing back at CAFS persistence at cutting back on your critical working conditions.

CAFS have zeroed in on your Personal Leave, Long Service Leave, and redundancy. All are proposed to be dramatically reduced and removed (and lost forever) if the Agreement is voted up.

The ASU’s position is that the proposed EA devalues and puts your working lives at serious risk.

When the Agreement goes out to vote, if only 20 people vote and 11 vote yes then it will be in place for 4 years.

So, members your vote counts!!!

Now is the time to spread the word and bring CAFS to account and call out their blatant disregard for your working future and welfare.

Vote NO and inform your colleagues to do the same.

Voting down the current draft that strips your conditions will force CAFS management back to the bargaining table.

The more members we have the more power we have to stand our ground, so now is the time to grow our great movement and recruit. You can ask your colleagues who are yet to joing the ASU to visit

For further information please contact your workplace Delegates Linda Forbes 0400 245 848 , Greg Lewis on 0429 357 716 or Ian Cooper 0422 409 669, ASU Organiser Giancarlo (Chaz) Volpe on 0428 734 459 or,

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