On Tuesday 29 June 2021, you will be asked to vote on your new Enterprise Agreement.

Your ASU Bargaining Reps are encouraging you to VOTE NO to the offer that has been put forward by management.

Why should you VOTE NO?
At our last combined ASU members meeting, it was made unanimously clear that there needed to be safeguards around the GPS technology clause and the wage increase to include ‘or CPI, whichever is greater’.

Management has disregarded both requests – even after making it very clear how important these two matters are to our members. Without these safeguards, it could have a detrimental effect on all members.

If a majority VOTE NO, management will be forced back to the bargaining table, and we will have shown how important it is that they make these simple changes.

All employees covered by the EBA get to cast a vote, not just Union members, so make sure you are talking to everyone and encouraging them all to VOTE NO.

If you have any questions, please speak to one of your ASU Bargaining Reps:
Stan Staveley, Paul Dredge, Lionel Daley or Scott Blair

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