The ASU wrote to the CEO at Council on 23 March 2021 raising several concerns from ASU members who are employed in Council Leisure Centres. You can view the letter here.

The matters raised by members are allegations, grievances and concerns about very toxic workplace culture. The issues breach the OH&S Act and several relevant Hume City Council internal policies.

Members have reported to the ASU that they are very reluctant to raise these matters as they are afraid of being targeted by Managers. Some staff have reported to the ASU that they have had to take stress leave due to workplace anxiety.

The ASU take these allegations from our members very seriously. ASU has formally requested that an independent mutually agreed investigator be engaged by Council to investigate the concerns from our members, with an agreed term of reference for the investigator. In addition, we seek that all staff should be instructed to take part in this process and agree to be interviewed as part of the process.

If you have been affected by these allegations or grievances and would like to put a formal complaint to Council, which will be handled confidentially by H.R. please let us know.

The ASU, as always, is BY YOUR SIDE.

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