Many of you have now completed the building department staff survey sent out by the ASU.

Your responses have overwhelmingly shown that there are major issues, particularly among Municipal Building Surveyors, when it comes to mental health, understaffing, training pathways and regulatory changes.

We are inviting all building department staff in Local Councils to participate in a Zoom link up on Wednesday to discuss the next steps to fix these problems.

DATE: Wednesday 25 March
TIME: 2pm

To connect to the meeting, you will need to already have Zoom downloaded or download it at least thirty minutes before the scheduled meeting time. This should only take a couple of minutes, and after completing these steps, the link will automatically take you to the meeting room when clicked.

These are difficult times for many of you, and we understand that many building staff have been categorised as an essential service.

It is clear that building staff in local councils have been underappreciated, and under-resourced to do a job that the community needs for too long.

If you know a colleague who is not a member of the ASU that would be interested in campaigning on these issues, forward this email to them and encourage them to join. Only members can participate in the Zoom link up.

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