As members would have heard by now, the results of the Enterprise Agreement vote have been published and 61% of staff who voted, voted against the proposed offer by BSL.

This is a monumental victory for ASU members!

Despite BSL’s best efforts, staff saw through their narrative that you should all be happy with BSL’s offer of cutting your pay- after all, they could be like some other Community Service Orgs and cut your pay even more!

This vote signifies that no longer are workers going to accept pay cuts year on year.

No longer are marginalised workers going to be an afterthought and have their conditions in a policy while the rest of the conditions are enshrined in an Enterprise Agreement.

But this vote also signifies one other thing: WE ARE UNITED!

And United we will, and we can, WIN!

As soon as this morning BSL came to the ASU to invite us to speak with Travers McLeod and the Chair of the Board Stephen Newton.

This is a great first step and we are hopeful negotiations will have positive results.

Last night’s results could not have been achieved by not only the tireless efforts of your Delegates but also each one of you who spoke to non-members about the importance of voting no. You did this, and you did it together!

The bargaining team will keep members updated when bargaining will recommence, but for now, take this moment as an opportunity to celebrate!

We still need many more staff to join your campaign for better pay and conditions. Send your workmates the link to join online now:  

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kerman Daruwalla | 0437 035 721 |

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