There have been many issues facing members at Brotherhood of St Laurence, here’s an update on progress of 2 of those issues.


It has been good news for ASU representatives to finally see members receive an update from BSL management on their classification.

By now every member should have received advice on what classification they are. Members are encouraged to check you are correctly classified, as this impacts on your rate of pay. If in doubt, contact your payroll office in the first instance. If you still have doubts, please contact the ASU Member Contact Centre who can assist with identifying your correct classification.

In addition, BSL have developed and published an Enterprise Agreement page on the intranet.  All information including Enterprise Agreements and relevant pay rate schedules should be accessible.

Accrued Days Off (ADOs) for Local Area Coordinators (LACs)

It was agreed early in the year that a working group would be established to discuss the option of ADOs being provided to LACs.

The group had its first meeting on Friday 19 July where ASU representatives put forward their argument on why they believe that ADOs can work for LACs.

It was agreed that over the next 3 weeks ASU representatives involved in the working group will work towards providing a more detailed plan on how we believe it would work.

Your input into this process is vital and all LACs are encouraged to contact your Delegates to provide your thoughts on how you believe ADOs could work in your office. Members have overwhelmingly said they want ADOs so now is the time to work with your Delegates to ensure it happens.

It is extremely positive news that BSL are now engaged with and willing to work through the issues with your ASU Delegates. This has only been brought about by member involvement and resolve to see a resolution.

It is not too late to stand with your colleagues and continue the fight to improve your working lives.

The ASU help you and your co-workers deal with issues as they arise at your workplace – either individually or as a group – and campaign to improve the conditions for workers.

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