For many months your ASU representatives have been arguing on your behalf that every member should not only know their classification and wage rates but have easy access to that information.

Unfortunately this information has never been freely available and feedback from members has consistently been that it is extremely difficult to get the information. This has led to members being unsure if their wage rates are correct, whether they have been or should be moving up pay points within their levels and whether their classification is actually correct.

Your representatives have been working hard to argue your case and it is pleasing that we have this week had some agreement from BSL management on a way forward to fixing this.

BSL have agreed that over the coming weeks all members will receive written notification of their classification and all new employees will have their classification on their contracts when they commence.

In addition, BSL will be uploading a wage rates table onto the intranet to ensure all members can easily access information regarding what rate they should be receiving. BSL will be communicating with members shortly regarding this and providing a link.

The work however is not yet over,  ASU are also gathering information regarding member’s workloads. You can complete our online survey here to provide your confidential feedback. The survey closes 17 June, all members and potential members are encouraged to participate.

Your Delegates have also been working towards getting a resolution to the issue of LACs being denied ADOs.

Since our last update, we now have agreement from BSL to form a working group. That working group will consist of management, staff representatives, your ASU Delegates and Organiser.

Members will be updated as this progresses.

It is extremely positive news that BSL are now engaged with and willing to work through the issues with your ASU Delegates, this has only been brought about by your involvement and resolve to see a resolution.

It is not too late to stand with your colleagues and continue the fight to improve your working lives.

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Your work is the foundation of your life: doesn’t it make sense to protect it? The ASU protects your rights at work, provides expert advice and support and delivers members only savings and discounts. We are not-for-profit, member-owned and run. We exist only for the benefit of our members.

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ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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