Active delegates at the Brotherhood of St Laurence are making a real difference to workers across the organisation.

One of the challenges faced by ASU members at Brotherhood of St Laurence is the sheer size of the organisation. As a multimillion-dollar entity with over a thousand employees and worksites across greater Melbourne, it is a big challenging to stay abreast of the many workplace issues facing our members.

Too often with large organisations, members don’t realise that issues they are facing actually affect all their colleagues across the entire organisation, and this was the case with Brotherhood of St Laurence. Thankfully, there is a great network of active ASU Delegates across the worksites operated by the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Late last year decided to get together with their ASU organiser to discuss common issues and support each other to deliver for members.

Delegates uncovered issues ranging from back payments being owed to workers through to refusal of flexible work arrangements by management and excessive workload issues. With meetings underway members are learning they aren’t alone and that collectively there is something that can be done. We are stronger together.

More members are signing up as Delegates in worksites that have been without representation. This will mean any future issues faced by ASU members will be heard and appropriately dealt with.

If you would like to learn more about taking on the important and rewarding role as an ASU worksite Delegate contact your organiser or the Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

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