Voting has now opened. With only one single working day, BSL is asking staff to vote on their current Enterprise Agreement offer.

ASU Delegates are extremely disappointed that BSL has sought a quick resolution to meet their EOFY funding obligations but limited the consultation process with staff.

Delegates requested a higher lump-sum payment and a fair pay rise to outpace rapidly rising inflation, click here for an explanation.

We also asked BSL to consider four conditions in our log of claims:

  1. Extra leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff
  2. Gender Affirmation Leave
  3. Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave
  4. Equal paid parental leave

BSL declined all these requests, maintaining their first pay offer was their best and only offer.

Delegates are mindful of the financial pressures on staff, who have not seen a pay rise since December 2020 amidst the prediction for continued rising inflation.

We support staff having all the facts coming into this vote.

  • Vote ‘YES’ to carry over the current Agreement – The lump sum payment will be included in the next pay run, and a 6.1% pay rise implemented from the first full pay run in July 2022. We then negotiate for a new EBA to come into effect from late December 2022.
  • Vote ‘NO’ to carry over the current Agreement – We continue to negotiate the full EBA as normal, but future wage rises and any negotiated backpay will not be paid until the new EBA is finalised.

Whatever the outcome, we need you to fight with us for fair pay increases and improved working conditions for all staff through our log of claims.

You can help now by sharing this information and our petition with colleagues.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kerman Daruwalla |

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