Over the past few months since negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement have completed members have raised several workplace issues with their Delegates.

The new agreement has not yet been approved by Fair Work so your conditions and entitlements are still contained in the current agreement.

Your new ASU Organiser, Joanne McEvoy, has been working with your worksite Delegates to sort through the issues and formulate a plan to address them.

The Delegates will be meeting on Friday 14 December to further discuss the issues and also develop a plan for worksite visits to speak to members.

Some of the issues currently being discussed are:

  • The ongoing back pay issues, salary changes and difficulties in accessing information regarding classifications
  • The formation of an EBA consultative committee
  • LAC specific issues regarding accessing ADO’s, KPI’s and choices regarding overtime


In addition to the above, discussions are being held regarding the need for an ASU Delegate in each worksite and recently nominations were called for 2 new Delegates. We are always open for new nominations so any member who would like further information on the role of a Delegate is encouraged to contact Joanne. This will ensure that all worksites are able to be represented and have input into the Delegate committee discussions.

With the Christmas break soon upon us membership meetings will not be held until the New Year however members are welcome to contact their Delegate or Organiser for further information.

Your ASU Delegates are:
Kenzie Beames
Diarmuid Cooney-Donohue
Renee Kazakis
Adrian Kirby
Claire Proctor
Maria Quaremba
Paula Rowe
Elisa Stannard
Aaron Williams
Tim Redfern
Madeleine Dack and Fleur Mills (recently nominated)

The ASU will continue to update members at the Brotherhood

The ASU can only represent the interests of members in these issues so if you know of any colleagues who have not yet joined, encourage them to do so ASAP.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 | jmcevoy@asuvictas.com.au

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