The ASU has received notification that Council is nearing finalisation of the staffing arrangements for Sunshine Leisure Centre, post the closure of St Albans.

Matthew La Riccia from HR has advised:

  • The implementation of the proposed rosters and redundancies will be from April 14 2020.
  • The redundancy payments will be based on the average of hours worked per week, over the duration of employment with Council.
  • All employees impacted by the changes will receive a letter outlining their future in the next week.
  • Those continuing employment with council will receive offers (including a RITEQ roster that contains an indication of the days to be worked, and start and finish times)
  • For those who will not be continuing employment, a letter confirming it is councils intention to make their role redundant, and a calculation of their estimated redundancy payments will be provided.

It is anticipated some tweaks may be required to fill any residual gaps in rosters as some individuals circumstances change prior to April, but ASU is led to believe the correspondence members will receive in the next week or so, will be pretty close to the final structure.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 0418 320 625 |

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