Consultative Committee and Merging Part A and B of the Agreement
Your Brimbank Enterprise Agreement is now certified and now we draw our attention to merging Part A (The Enterprise Agreement) and Part B (The Award) into one document.  This process is not to see a reduction or improvement in wages and conditions however a more simplified document which will be easier for members to navigate.

We have commenced bi-monthly consultative meetings which will continue to meet for the light of this agreement.  We are currently working on the Terms of Reference document for this committee.

Your union representatives are working through proposals on the way the staff consultative committee will deal with matters raised and work with management. The ASU will provide an update to members when agreement has been reached.

Employment security for Leisure members
ASU Leisure delegates Michele Sinclair and Matthew Mihaljevic with the assistance of Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio have been in discussions with Brimbank HR to resolve a range of outstanding matters both Leisure Centres. The main issue currently is the filling of vacant positions which have historically been permanent. The ASU has argued that the employer is breaching your agreement as it makes specific reference to permanent shifts NOT being dispensed of for fixed term and casual positions.

Delegates have put together a list of vacant shifts in question, to which the employer has since added to.

They have advised that they are committed to filling of these shifts.

We have requested that the shifts be advertised to the existing pool of employees- which would allow for permanent employees to add to their additional shifts and casual staff to pick up permanent shits.

Casuals who have been working the same shift on a regular and systematic basis need to advise their ASU organiser or delegate as we are arguing that these individuals should be made permanent for this shift in the first instance.

HR has advised that they will be putting forward a proposal to the Executive Team when they next meet on 1 May 2019. We will be provided with further information post this meeting.

Annual Leave Loading still in dispute
The ASU is still in discussions with your employer regarding the interpretation and application of Annual Leave loading.  The employer’s interpretation of the “relevant wage rate” to mean the banding equivalent for the role plus allowances as opposed to annualised salary which is the ASU’s position. Clause 41.1 within Part B of the agreement (attached) details this.

Restructure within the Family Day Care Unit
Brimbank Council has provided ASU notification of a restructure regarding Family Day Care.  Council will no longer be providing this service- there are approximately 6 employees who are impacted by this decisions. The ASU is working with these impacted members; the employer has indicated that each employee will be redeployed within Council.

For further information please contact:
ASU organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0400 986 745 |

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