The ASU has been in regular communications with Brimbank HR regarding the proposed restructure within Leisure Services. Following members meeting held on Sunday 23 June we can provide the following update;

Voluntary redundancies will not be offered in the first instance as requested by the ASU.  Council has advised however that through the direct feedback with staff if this is raised then it will be again considered.  We strongly encourage members to request when providing individual feedback.  Your feedback can be submitted to

Request for extension to consultation period, for an additional 3 weeks.  Within this request we formally requested a breakdown of EFT for Full Time, Part Time and Casual numbers per position (for example Gym, Lifeguard ect) as well as a copy of the current and proposed rosters to ascertain if shifts are in fact no longer available moving forward.

Lodged a Grievance with Brimbank Council regarding the new contracts being issued without the days of the week and start and finishing time being stipulated.  The next steps will be to lodge this at the Fair Work Commission to obtain their interpretation of the Clause and provide advice on how the contracts need to be reflected in line with the Enterprise Agreement.  We understand that recently casuals where provided contracts of employment which do not state the days and start and finishing time, we have requested staff not sign these as the grievance is lodged. We have had discussion however and obtained and assurance that staff will not be taken off these shifts as it is directly relating to this above matter.

Contract issue; The ASU raised in February the issue of permanent shifts being dispensed for casual/temporary shifts and advising that council is breaching the EBA by doing this. We have confirmed that casuals who have been working regularly and systematically for a 6 month period have been offered those hours permanently as a result of the ASU intervening.  There are still issues however with permanent part time members who had been picking up extra shifts on a regular and systematic basis not having these hours reflected in their contracts and requesting this to occur.  If you are one of these individuals please contact your delegate or organiser ASAP.

For further information please contact:
ASU Delegates Michele Sinclair or Matthew Mihaljevic or
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio |

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