ASU, ANMF & Professionals Australia met with new CEO Fiona Blair on Friday 11 March. We spoke about workers’ rights and how to resolve the negotiations for a new Agreement. This meeting was not a formal negotiation.

It was an important opportunity to make some progress in understanding each other’s point of view. ASU Delegates spoke directly with Fiona about what matters for members.

We highlighted how depot workers won an Award for great work on the frontline during covid, Library workers delivered books to people’s doors in lockdown, Civic Centre teams worked from home offices with little notice and many balancing homeschooling, Arts workers relaunched programs as soon as possible. All this dexterity, commitment and dedication deserves better money than 1.75%, 1.5%, 1.5%. ASU Organisers and Delegates made it clear that back pay and payrises in the 2% range like at City Of Greater Geelong need to be on the table.

The vote for protecting any industrial action is open until Friday.

We asked Fiona to send us her best offer before then. If it is good then we can reach agreement. If it is not one we can recommend then we will be speaking with you about action eg wearing badges, not collecting bins, stopping work.

If you need the link to vote on your phone or email then ring us on 1300 855 570 and we will help.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Cindy O Connor |

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