The ASU and other unions (ANMF and Professionals Australia) have been representing members at Brimbank for a fair Enterprise Agreement (EA). You voted down council’s offer in September 2021. Since then, council haven’t offered anything better and have said backpay is off the table.

We know council workers have kept communities safe and functioning during COVID and you’ll continue to do so. You deserve better than:

  • no back pay
  • pay increases of 1.75%, 1.5%, 1.5%
  • increased evidence requirements for taking sick/personal leave (3 extra days/year)

We’re preparing to run a ballot of ASU members to take Protected Industrial Action. Members who have discussed this have endorsed it in principle. This is so you have an extra strategy to fight for a fairer deal reflecting the true value of your work.

To take protected industrial action, we first need to apply to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to run a ballot. If FWC approves this, we’ll run a formal vote that all members take part in. If this is voted up by a majority of ASU members then any action taken is lawful and protected – like it was for our members at Moorabool, Geelong Regional Libraries and Hume recently.

The ASU office will be checking members contact details soon, to make sure the ballot gets to you safely and you can have your say!

Council have applied to FWC for a bargaining dispute. Unfortunately, their application doesn’t reflect all the unresolved issues on the table and attempts the ASU made to keep negotiations going. We’ll represent members in that process but want you to have all options available for a fair EA.

Only ASU members will be covered to take protected action! Ask your co-workers to join the ASU today at

For more information please contact ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor | 0417 551 124 |

Join the ASU today


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