The ASU Log of claims were tabled and discussed at a recent EBA meeting. Management representatives were not in a position to respond to all claims and scheduled a further meeting for next Thursday (23 June) at 10am.

Management did not present any additional claims at this meeting. An additional claim from another bargaining representative was presented to request an increase from the number of compassionate leave days allocated (currently 3 local, 5 interstate/international).

In principle, support was provided for movement to Works Depot staff to move to a 9-day fortnight (claim 5). Discussions around indoor staff are continuing.

Administrative changes that will bring your Enterprise Agreement in line with minimum National Employment Standards or the Local Government Industry Award 2020 were agreed in relation to:

  • Overtime rates (claim 12);
  • Superannuation (claim 13);
  • Rights to Casual Conversion (Claim 14);
  • First Aid Allowance rates (Claim 16);
  • Long Service Leave cash out (Counter Claim 21); and
  • Updates to Parental Leave entitlements to reflect the National Employment Standards (Claim 22).

A further update on unaddressed claims will follow next weeks meeting.

You can access a full copy of the ASU claims here.

You can access a copy of your current Enterprise Agreement here.

Remember it is not too late to present additional claims, provide feedback or participate in bargaining as an ASU representative.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Samantha Batchelor | 0459 228 612 |

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