BREAKING: The ASU welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement today of a new National Net Zero Authority.

This is a huge win by ASU members.

Together ASU members working have campaigned, lobbied in Canberra, and joined together in our workplaces to ensure no worker, and no community are left behind in the transition to a net-zero energy.

A national energy transition authority is vital to driving the creation of good, secure jobs, coordinating programs and policies across the government and providing skills and training in new industries for the workers and communities that have been powering Australia for decades.

The Government today outlined it will legislate the Authority and will begin the work immediately through establishing an Executive Agency to be set up on July 1, 2023.

We will have more to do to make sure workers in energy are at the forefront of this transition, and the ASU is by our members side at every step of the way.

Well done to all ASU members on this victory. For over a decade, union members have campaigned to secure this commitment for their communities and for the energy sector and today we have won.

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