We have some bad news and some hopefully really good news.

Two members meetings have been called to discuss these breaking developments.  Details below.

The Bad

The state government have announced that community sector funding will only be indexed by 2% this financial year.  I won’t sugarcoat this part, that’s just not good enough.

An increase of 2% could compound sector-wide practices that cause so many community sector workers like you into insecure employment contracts.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic and you are the essential workers that are keeping Victorians and Victoria together.

The state government cannot keep saying that your work is essential but treating you as expendable. That’s why this next bit is so important.

The Good ( hopefully )

Over recent weeks, we have been lobbying hard on the issues of insecure work and workplace fairness in the community sector that are at the centre of the Essential not Expendable campaign. ASU Members have held meetings, signed petitions, and worked with us to call, meet and write to the Government, to tell them that community sector workers deserve more. And we have had our first success.

Just last night Minister Wynne and Minister Williams wrote to the ASU to announce that they will conduct two reviews.

One around how the indexation rate is calculated – we can’t accept such a low rate ever again.

And one will be specifically about the issues that members have been raising through the Essential Not Expendable campaign.   Those issues include the use of fixed term and casual employment, lack of enforceability of entitlements, short funding cycles and the lack of an overall sector workforce plan.

We still have a lot of work to do on the detail but the campaign is working.

Well done to you all.

Despite the low rate of indexation, it seems the Andrews Government is listening to the concerns that you have been raising about the job insecurity faced by essential workers like you.   We now have the processes in place to get them to do something to fix the problems.

What’s next?

We are in the process of setting up urgent member meetings for next week We will provide details of these meetings later today.

Please speak with your colleagues who are yet to join the ASU about these developments and encourage them to join online today at www.asu.asn.au/asujoin

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