ASU delegates and activists from across Australia met at a mass meeting where endorsed our campaign to Save Equal Pay!

Sign the petition now!

We’re calling on the Federal Government to continue to fund our Equal Pay increases into the future to protect jobs and services across the country.

Community services are essential services. We have supported some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our society through a year of floods, fires and now a pandemic. Our organisations rely on Government funding to pay the Equal Pay wages we fought for and won back in 2012.

But the Federal Government has not committed to continuing to fund our Equal Pay wages beyond December 2020. Because of this, our sector faces a massive funding shortfall of over $500 million which will impact over 100,000 jobs and countless essential services.

The Federal Government can fix this in its Federal Budget in October. Join us in calling on them to properly fund Equal Pay and support essential community services workers!

What do you need to do?

Step 1: Hold a Save Equal Pay meeting at your workplace/with your colleagues – Meeting Plan guide attached.

Step 2: Pass a resolution committing to be part of the Save Equal Pay campaign

Step 3: Everyone signs the Save Equal Pay petition right then and there. Everyone to go to then share with other workmates and friends in the sector.

Step 4: Non-members – now is the time to join the ASU! Join online at

If Equal Pay is not funded, jobs and services will be under threat.

We fought to win Equal Pay. We will fight to protect it.

PS: Don’t forget to sign our petition to Save Equal Pay and then share it with all of your colleagues:

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