The ASU office has today been informed that Mackillop Family Services has cancelled the planned consultation process to terminate the MacKillop Family Services Enterprise Agreement 2003 – 2005.

This decision has been made as a direct result of action taken by ASU members at Mackillop to fight to keep your hard-won conditions.

In the letter received by the ASU today, Mackillop CEO Dr Robyn Miller said

“MacKillop is committed to working with our employees and the ASU to transition from the EA 03-05 to a new industrial agreement. MacKillop is committed to engaging with the ASU in a respectful and transparent manner”.

The ASU will seek clarification from Mackillop as to exactly what they mean by “transition from the EA 03-05 to a new industrial agreement”. The ASU maintains that Mackillop should negotiate with the ASU for a new enterprise agreement and not reduce Mackillop ASU members conditions down to the award.

Congratulations to all of the ASU members who notified the ASU of your concerns about the proposed action to be taken by your employer.

It pays to be union.

If you have a colleague who is yet to become a member of the ASU you can direct them to

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