On Monday this week, 4 February 2019, the Fair Work Commission finally approved your new enterprise agreement which replaces your long outdated enterprise agreement from 2012.  This means that all of the terms and conditions negotiated by YOUR union come into effect from next Monday, 11 February 2019.

As you would be aware, the new agreement comes following months of negotiations between the ASU and your employer, a very strong YES vote on the new agreement (with only two no responses received from the entire workforce) and a further five months waiting for the Fair Work Commission to put their rubber stamp on it.

This agreement incorporates many great improvements to your working conditions and we encourage members to read the new document and to review it when issues arise in the workplace or when you are needing to know more about your conditions. Management are required, under the terms of the agreement, to place copies of the new agreement in accessible locations in each workplace.

As always, the ASU stands ready to assist with any teething issues which come as a result of the introduction of this new EA. We will be ready to renegotiate this agreement as the expiry date comes around next.  This is not due to occur now until 30 April 2021.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Aaron De La Torre | 0427 813 821 | adelatorre@asuvictas.com.au

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