Final Issues with Phase 2 Required ASAP

The ASU had constructive engagement with Boroondara today at the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

With FWC’s assistance we gained some agreements with council about the following steps going forward (please note, some of these apply just to Stage 3):

  1. Progress on Phase 2 will pause, for members to consider any final implications. This is on the following conditions:
    1. The ASU provides a summary of all outstanding issues and proposed resolutions for individual members impacted by Phase 2, by COB Monday 2 November.
    2. Council and ASU to meet and discuss these matters by end of next week, Friday 6 November.

This means the ASU office needs to hear from any members with outstanding matters ASAP. This might be concerns about the outcome, or process undertaken. For instance, whether offers of alternative employment are deemed suitable, or whether roles are considered genuinely redundant. If you have lodged an EOI that you do not feel comfortable with, this might also include withdrawing the EOI. Please note that we will need to specify individuals concerns and their preferred solution in order to seek that council fix them.

If you have queries about this, or want your info included in this letter please contact Tash Wark via / 0418 424 052 with this information, by Monday 2 November 10:00am.

If the ASU does not receive any feedback this change will proceed as stands.

  1. Representation at Meetings about Change to Include the Union (Stage 3)

There was agreement that where members want a representative of their choice (including union official or delegate) involved in discussions about changes that this should occur, and that this applies to all stages of change process, including prior to a definite decision being made.  Council will advise all staff impacted by Stage 3 that this is to be provided, in the briefing today and future communications.

  1. Position Descriptions (Stage 3)

Members can seek for revised position descriptions to be accompanied by an itemised list of changes made. The ASU strongly recommends all member being provided with revised or refreshed PDs to seek this information.

FWC has scheduled a further conference to check in on progress around this for Tuesday 10 November.

The ASU will attend a briefing with council tomorrow regarding Phase 3 and will meet with delegate after this.

Any questions or feedback please advise ASU Lead Organiser Tash Wark / 0418 424 052

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