The Boroondara City Council announcement that 84 School Crossing Supervisors have been stood down is a terrible decision.

The ASU’s clear position is that nobody should be stood down and any worker who has been stood down should be immediately reinstated or paid by the employer. Employees should not be asked to access their own leave.

ASU Organiser Emma Bagg has been in contact with ASU Delegates at Boroondara City Council to talk about how we should respond to this shocking decision.

Today, the ASU wrote to the CEO of Boroondara City Council to advise the following:

The ASU challenges the right of Boroondara Council to stand down SCS employees under s524 of the Fair Work Act.

There are extra community service needs, like supporting and checking in on older members of the community, that council workers can meet and Council’s income for the year hasn’t fallen so much that it needs to stand down workers or not be in a position to pay them.

This is also not in line with all of the other Councils across Metropolitan Melbourne who are doing the right thing and paying all their employees regardless if they have not been able to provide meaningful work or offer suitable redeployment opportunities.

Therefore, we requested that Council immediately provide meaningful work for these employees or pay them.

Click here to read the full letter sent to your CEO

The ASU has also written to all councillors about the terrible and unnecessary decision to stand down staff and not offer meaningful work or paying them at Boroondara City Council.

Click here to read the letter sent to all Councilors at Boroondara

Through this difficult time, the ASU is by your side.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Emma Bagg |

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