ASU representatives met with management for further negotiation on a new enterprise agreement at Boroondara last week.

At this meeting, the ASU secured a small but important win for gender equality. Management agreed to amend the dispute resolution clause to introduce a provision that disputes can be referred to the Gender Equality Commissioner. This is an important change that will give the new Commissioner jurisdiction to hear complaints about gender inequality and discrimination against women and men at Boroondara.

Further discussion occurred about conditions in the appendices of the enterprise agreement that cover local laws, statutory planning and libraries. Delegates are giving further consideration to some of the issues raised and will be consulting with members in these areas.

Management proposed a timeline for the finalisation of negotiations. They propose to hold only one more meeting on 20 May, at which parties are invited to provide ‘final feedback’. They then propose to put the agreement out to vote in mid-June.

There are stills lots of unresolved claims and it’s unlikely management and the ASU will be able to reach agreement on all the outstanding issues in one meeting. The ASU raised concerns that this timeline is rushed and does not give adequate time to consider all the issues. Management reiterated their commitment to sticking to the timeline, regardless of whether an agreement is reached. Members need to be alert and prepared for a ballot next month.

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