Years of underfunding and cost-shifting by state and federal governments have caused a crisis on the frontline.

Many local government services are underfunded, outsourced or unable to meet the needs of local communities.  This is placing huge pressure on council staff.

In response, ASU delegates from across Victoria endorsed a campaign to boost funding to local government.

And we have had our first win.

The Victorian Government has heard our calls to address the looking crisis in local government building departments and action on the Covid-19 pandemic’s disproportionate impact on working women.

Andrews Government’s recent state budget included $6.4 million to train women as building inspectors.

Resources to increase the number of council building surveyors will take pressure off Municipal Building Inspectors and their diminished teams as well as boost public safety.

This is the first win of our campaign – but it won’t be the last.

ASU members are fighting for secure jobs and strong frontline services at every level – in negotiations with employers and through political lobbying.

As Australia slowly recovers from the economic, social and health fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, strong frontline services are more essential than ever

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