Workplace delegates are the backbone of our union. They are a source of on-the-ground advice and support for members and the critical link between workplaces and ASU officials.

So it’s great news that, like at so many other councils, the number of ASU delegates at Whitehorse City Council has recently increased.

Five ASU members within Whitehorse Home and Community Services have stepped up and are now elected workplace representatives of their workmates.

They have taken on the important delegate role at a critical time for workers at Whitehorse. We are in the middle of negotiations on a new enterprise agreement, and at the same time council is conducting a service review across the Whitehorse Home and Community Services department.

ASU members need good representation at the bargaining table and through the service review.

The five new delegates came to their new roles in the most union way possible, they did it as a collective. Finding strength as a group of workers, they stepped forward together into the important role as ASU delegates.

Best of all, they are already doing a fantastic job supporting and representing their workmates.

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