Victorians who sustain a work-related mental health injury will now be able to access treatment sooner thanks to new legislation.

Over recent years the WorkCover system has been under review following various Victorian Ombudsman reports. The ASU has been advocating the importance of early intervention for mental health injuries and we have called on the government to introduce measures that focus on this key aspect of workplace health and safety. We are very pleased this is finally being addressed.

From July 1, eligible workers and volunteers can access provisional payments for reasonable treatment and services for work-related mental health injuries, while their compensation claim is being determined.

The payments scheme covers medical and like costs such as GP visits, psychiatrist or psychologist appointments and medication, and ensures workers will not have to delay getting the care they need and deserve.

Even if your claim is ultimately rejected, you will still be able to access these payments for 13 weeks which is likely to increase the chance of recovery and a successful return to work.

To reflect these legislative changes, there will be a new WorkCover claim form available on the WorkCover website from July 1.

Once the claim form has been submitted to your employer, they have three days to pass it on to their insurers who then have two days to decide whether you are eligible for payments. This means workers will be able to receive payments for medical and like services after five business days of lodging their claim.

If you are suffering from a work-related mental health injury or would like more information about the change, contact your union as soon as possible.

In more good news…

The ASU is excited to welcome Jedd Rothman to our team as the Union Relationship Organiser at Maurice Blackburn.

Jedd comes to us from a union background having worked for United Voice in their call centre and as an organiser. Most recently he has worked for Senator Jess Walsh.

The Union Relationship Organiser is a new position at Maurice Blackburn to assist ASU staff, organisers, delegates and members to ensure they are providing the best possible service to us and our members. Jedd will be a problem-solver and connect organisers, delegates and members to the right Maurice Blackburn contact to ensure a timely resolution to enquiries.

He is available for you to contact at any time in regards to Maurice Blackburn enquiries on or 0482 166 362

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