The ASU bargaining group met with Bethany representatives last week to progress your new Enterprise Agreement (EA), informed by your feedback from recent members meetings.

It had been several months since the last meeting with Bethany, though there has been an exchange via email to try and resolve outstanding matters and progress drafting a final document for a vote.

A number of clauses were agreed including Workplace Health & Safety, Dispute Resolution, Flexitime and Surnames on Staff ID.

Bethany is to provide re-drafting of the following clauses for the ASU to review, mostly for the purpose of ensuring clear application during the life of the EA: Vehicle Safety Systems (GPS), Flexible Work Arrangements, Purchased Leave, Working from Home, Regional Pubic Holidays and Family Violence Leave & Support.

The ASU is to respond to Bethany on Length of the EA, Individual Productivity and Leave Without Pay.

Bethany has committed to providing the above in a revised draft EA by 8 April. The ASU will keep you up to date.

Brand new ASU delegate Simon Layley attended the EA meeting as an observer, welcome Simon! And ASU members were represented by Angela, Katrina and Stephen. Big appreciation to all of the delegates for your commitment to getting this EA done!

Encourage your workmates to join the ASU – so we will have a stronger voice for workers at Bethany. It’s easy for anyone who is not yet a member to join online at

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