No Consultation and Process in changing your Position Description?

The ASU have been made aware that Bethany management are putting members under duress to sign new Position Descriptions with no Consultation or due process.

The ASU has written to management on Monday March 18 to demand a stop to this until a fair a clear process of consultation is adhered to, as per the EBA.

The ASU believe this is a breach of clause 10 – Individual Productivity, Clause 21 Terms of Employment, and Cluse 38 Professional Development of the Bethany Enterprise Agreement 2014.

Members have reported that they have had their Position Descriptions changed, without due process or consultation and are being instructed to sign the new PD without comment.

As per Clause 10. “Individual Productivity” the EBA clearly states any changes must be by agreement;

  • The progressive development of competency based position descriptions which provide clear guidelines of delegation, responsibility, and accountability to encourage initiative and professional responsibility and to enhance service provision;
  • The development and implementation of agreed Employee Performance and Development Plans incorporating individual training plans, each year to improve service delivery standards and career development opportunities;
  • The reasonable progression towards the attainment of agreed Individual Program/Project Outcomes on an annual basis;

Under Clause 19; Dispute Resolution, The ASU advised members to immediately refrain from signing any changes to their PDs until there has been resolution to this matter, and a clear process of consultation occurs.

The ASU have suggest that Bethany management distribute a memo to all staff, and the ASU indicating how the process will be amended to include consultation with employees and the timelines for this process.

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