Members have now endorsed a log of claims (LOC) and have advised the ASU they wish to commence negotiations for a new enterprise agreement.

The ASU have today written to Bethany management with a copy of the claims and advised that we wish to commence bargaining. You can download the LOC for your reference.

You should receive a Notice of Employee Representational Rights from Bethany management in the next 14 days. It is important to note that as an ASU member you are automatically represented by ASU so you do not need to nominate a representative.

Your bargaining representatives at the negotiations will be Delegates, Mark Vincent, Katrina Crothers and Stephen Burton, along with ASU Organiser, Joanne McEvoy.

The current Bethany enterprise agreement has a nominal expiry date of 30 June 2017. This agreement remains in place until a new one is approved by the Fair Work Commission.

Your LOC is put together with the intention of improving your conditions and entitlements at Bethany but this can only be achieved by workers standing collectively and being a part of the union.  This is your agreement that will set your wages and conditions for the next 3 years.

Want to get the best outcomes possible in your EA?

  • Circulate this notice, put it on the notice board and in the lunch room
  • Pass this on to a non-member and ask them to join the ASU

If you would like to join the union, please visit:

Why join?
Your work is the foundation of your life: doesn’t it make sense to protect it? The ASU protects your rights at work, provides expert advice and support and delivers members only savings and discounts. We are not-for-profit, member-owned and run. We exist only for the benefit of our members.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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