The ASU has had numerous exchanges with Berry Street HR and management in relation to the potential transition of Open Place staff to Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV).

On Monday 25 May Berry Street HR advised the ASU that RAV does not consider their taking on the operations of Open Place as a transmission of business. Therefore all Open Place staff will be made redundant and will receive a letter today providing formal notification of their employment ending with Berry Street as of 30 June 2020 (unless suitable alternative employment is sourced with Berry Street).

The ASU is already taking early steps towards pursuing the redundancy pay entitlements of members who were not considering employment with RAV.

We understand RAV have offered employment application options for current Open Place staff who wish to consider new employment in the same program as operated by RAV.

If you are successful in securing new employment with RAV the ASU can continue to represent you, and your membership of the Union will follow you to the new employer. However you will need to advise the ASU of your new employer. Contact the ASU on / 1300 855 570 to update your details.

If you are an ASU member and wish to discuss your redundancy entitlements make sure you contact the ASU (if you haven’t already) to discuss your rights and how to enforce them

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell | 0419506310 |

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