Berry St ASU delegates have worked hard to negotiate a new Enterprise Agreement that upholds and improves on the hard-fought wins incorporated into the current Berry Street Enterprise Agreement (EA).

What’s in the proposed new EA?

  1. Wage increases
  2. Increased trade union leave for delegates
  3. Increased paid parental leave for both primary and secondary care
  4. Reasonable workload clause
  5. First Aid allowance for Residential Services workers who are first aid trained
  6. Casual employees right to request to convert to permanent employment after 6 months of regular and systematic casual work
  7. 20 days of paid Family Violence Leave with no evidentiary requirements
  8. Lactation facilities and paid time for breastfeeding/expressing
  9. Payment for hours worked and time off in lieu of overnight hours for employees
  10. Expansion of the flexible work arrangements clause
  11. Part-time employees right to request to amend their contract reflecting the regular hours they have worked over the past 12 months
  12. Minimum 10-hour break between shifts (with special conditions around sleepover shifts)
  13. Higher duties to be paid to employees covering an employee who is absent for five or more days regardless of how many days the higher duties are performed
  14. Increase in pay for overnight excursions/contingencies/camps and the payment of the sleepover allowance
  15. Time off instead of overtime (TOIL) by agreement
  16. Paying night shift of 15% shift allowances on the PM and AM shifts linked to a sleepover Monday-Friday
  17. Personal leave to be able to be used to attend medical appointments
  18. Penalties to be paid on five days of personal leave each year for employees who work in 24/7 Programs e.g. Residential Services
  19. An ability to take long service leave more flexibly
  20. Increased sleepover allowance to $70
  21. Saturday and Sunday penalties of 150% and 200%
  22. An ability to take personal leave for medical appointments

What feedback have we received from members?
After extensive consultation where many members have been spoken to and provided detailed information, the overwhelming majority of members have said that we should accept the EA.

Of course, everyone would like more money and ex-gratia leave however given the current climate they will be voting yes. This will lock in and protect all current terms and conditions and importantly no one will be worse off. There is a modest pay increase as well as some additional improvements to the EA as detailed above.

How should I vote?
The ASU recommends that you vote yes.

Based on the current climate and the improved conditions in the new EA and the overwhelming support for the EA we recommend that you vote yes.

Voting Process
Voting for the agreement will be completed electronically and managed by TrueVote.

The voting will open at 7am on Wednesday 27 May.
The voting will close at 3pm on Friday 29 May.

Please make sure you vote; it is very important that you register your support for the agreement and lock in these improved conditions. Securing these improvements didn’t come easy.

Thank you for all those who participated, especially your ASU delegates who played a vital role in securing these improvements.

For further information please contact:
One of your ASU delegates Helen Micallef or Brianna Stevens or
ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell | 0419 506 310 |

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